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Global Commodities Trading

Our company specializes in the sourcing, procurement, trading, and delivery of a wide range of commodities.

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Urban Trade International UAE Office

Welcome To The World Of Global Trading

It is my pleasure to welcome you to URBANTRADE International – a trusted Global Commodities Trading company. We are proud to be a key player in the global commodities market, with a strong reputation for reliability, transparency, and quality.

As a commodity trading company, we recognize the critical role we play in connecting producers and consumers around the world. Our goal is to create value for all stakeholders, including our customers, suppliers, and shareholders, by providing high-quality products, exceptional service, and sustainable solutions.

Noushad Dawood, CEO

Who We Are

URBANTRADE International (UTI) is a leading global commodity trading and trade finance company that specializes in the sourcing, procurement, financing, trading, and delivery of a wide range of goods. Founded in early 2018 lead by a team previously at thirty years with a large Sovereign Wealth Fund in the UAE. In a short span of time, the company has grown to engage in several substantial trades in the global commodities space, with a strong reputation for reliability, transparency, and quality.

UTI team members have managed over circa USD 20 billion commodities trade finance and trading transactions over 1500 transactions in some years.

Key activities

Global Commodities

URBANTRADE International (UTI) is a leading global commodity trading company that specializes in the sourcing, procurement, trading, and delivery of a wide range of goods.With representing offices and operations in several key markets around the world, including Europe, Middle East, Asia, and the Americas, UTI has a unique ability to identify and secure the best sources of products for its clients. The company's highly experienced team of traders and analysts are experts in their respective fields, with extensive knowledge of commodity markets and supply chains.

FMCG & Foodstuff Trading 

UTI is a leading FMCG import/export and foodstuff trading company in the GCC operating from the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. With several years of collective experience in the industry, we have built a strong reputation for providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service.Our main focus is on importing and exporting a wide range of fast-moving consumer goods, including food and beverages, personal care products, household items, medical disposables, and more. We work with leading manufacturers and suppliers from around the world to ensure that we are offering the best possible products to our customers.

Commodities On Focus

The company's product portfolio includes a wide range of raw materials, including agricultural products, minerals and metals, energy, and chemicals. UTI also import/export FMCG and Foodstuff products primarily catering to local GCC markets. It has established long-term partnerships with a diverse range of suppliers, from small farmers to large mining companies, to ensure a reliable and sustainable supply chain.

Global Market

Agricultural Products




GCC Market



We Provide Service

Technology-driven Operations

UTI is in the process of investing heavily in technology and infrastructure to support its operations. Partnering with key technology vendors to develop sophisticated trading platforms and analytical tools to help its traders make informed decisions in real-time. It also has an extensive network of warehouses, terminals, and logistics providers to ensure efficient and timely delivery of its products to customers around the world.

UTI team has proven track record based on diligence, efficiency and integrity.

International management team with extensive market experience.

Established relationships and large network of partners.

Business partners are present in key markets on-ground.

With our team strength, we are aiming strong market positioning in commodities trading.

Partnerships and affiliations with Government entities


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